With all the communication tools we use, there is no reason to be uninformed. The information is there! We are asking ALL our residents, both homeowners and renters, to PLEASE use the tools we have provided, to educate themselves and stay informed.

Which communication tool is best for you?

We STRONGLY suggest you use ALL our communication tools! If you only read the newsletter, you could be missing last minute updates and important reminders that the email bulletin provides. If you only read the email bulletin, you will miss detailed explanations regarding association business as well as homeowner tips that the newsletter provides. If you don’t visit the website, you won’t find important documents, forms and rules. Using all our communication tools is the best way to stay informed and connected.

Resident Portal & Mobile App

By registering on the Resident Portal, you gain can access your ROA account, make payments, submit Residential Modification Applications, and receive “high-level” community-wide bulletins/alerts, that are sent to every member on an as-needed basis. These bulletins are typically reserved for news that pertains to the majority of residents and is deemed important enough to warrant a community wide bulletin (i.e safety alerts, assessment changes, etc.) They differ from the weekly email bulletins (see Weekly Email Bulletins).


You must register on the resident portal before signing into the mobile app!

Weekly Email Bulletin

Signup to receive these weekly email bulletins HERE. Here you will find community alerts, event updates and important announcements. Thank you for utilizing this valuable communication tool!

Email Bulletin vs. Community Wide Bulletins/Alerts

This weekly email bulletin differs from our Community-Wide Bulletins/Alerts posted through the resident portal, as they provide far more information than the Community-Wide Bulletins/Alerts. In addition, you must signup to receive the weekly email bulletins, whereas community-wide bulletins/alerts are sent to every member, regardless of whether you opted into receiving email bulletins, and are reserved for “high-level” communication that effect most of the community, like safety alerts and assessment changes. Event updates, surveys, news on parks and trails and more can be found in the weekly email bulletin. To stay informed on all ROA activities, read the weekly email bulletin.

Redmond Ridge ROA Facebook Group

Much like our weekly email bulletins, you will find new and event updates on our community Facebook group. Here you can also connect with neighbors and participate in surveys and other fun activities.

Only current members are permitted to join the official Redmond Ridge ROA facebook group. Make sure to fill out the membership questions to be accepted into the group.

Ridge Review Newsletter

Mailed six times a year, this newsletter focuses on subjects important to our residents and provides more in-depth explanations and education than our weekly email bulletin can provide. We use this tool to help our residents understand WHY our association makes the decisions we make and what we are doing to help make your neighborhood a special and beautiful place to live. There are also great tips from local experts on home maintenance, gardening and association living.

If you don’t receive this newsletter and would like to, email chanel@redmondridgeroa.com.


Our website gives you access to news and events as well as Governing Documents, residential modification applications, Board and Committee information and much more, all in one spot. Everything there is to know about the Redmond Ridge ROA can be found or accessed to through this website. If you need a document or need to understand a rule – you will find your answers here!

You can also access your resident portal through this site.

Other Communication

Individual Communication

Sometimes we have to send information to a specific group or a specific resident. Make sure to add @calibersoftware.email and @redmondridgeroa.com to your safe sender list.

Bulletin Boards

There are bulletin boards placed throughout the community that provide information on upcoming events AND act as emergency and safety information centers. In the event of a disaster, residents can use these boards to find emergency contact information and important alerts.

Contact Us

If you can’t find an answer to a question, or have an idea or concern you would like to discuss with us, you can email or call staff. We are happy to address your concern, talk about your ideas and explain rules.