Board of Directors Members

President: Hari Natarajan

Vice President: Stephanie Hajicek

Secretary: Manoj Naidu

Treasurer: Pash Bhatia

Members: Ashutosh Kumar, Manjari Kishore and Sumit Parikh

About the Board of Directors

Our community is more than just a neighborhood. The Redmond Ridge ROA is a nonprofit corporation and must follow all Federal, State, and local government laws and requirements for Homeowners Associations and for nonprofit organizations. Collectively, our regular annual assessments amount to nearly one and a half million dollars that need to be budgeted carefully and spent wisely. Our neighbors who have volunteered and been elected to serve on the association’s board are responsible for making critical decisions—on the community’s behalf—when managing the community and association funds.

Our board also develops long-range plans—like when a parking lot will need to be repaved and when playground equipment will need to be replaced—about the parts of the community that are shared property. The board must set aside funds so that these kinds of projects can be accomplished on schedule or even ahead of schedule in the event there’s an unexpected breakdown. This plan can be seen in our Reserve Study. An important thing to note is that the Board and management don’t just use the Reserve Study to determine when an item needs to be replaced. Just because something is due to be replaced, doesn’t mean it will happen exactly when it’s scheduled. Many times items have been delayed for replacement because of the maintenance that is done, making the life of the item stretch sometimes several years beyond it’s scheduled “useful life.”

The board also sends out requests for bids and contracts with vendors to do the work necessary to maintain our shared amenities. Board members decide who will do the best job of replacing the common area equipment at the best price or who will be the most reliable company to hire to mow park grass and remove dead tree limbs.

The board’s decisions can have a significant impact on the community’s appearance and, consequently, on our property values. Regardless of our professional manager, the board ultimately is responsible for overseeing association operations.

Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to the community as a whole – which means understanding and following community rules as well as putting the community first in all decisions. Members should attend meetings having read the Board packets prepared by management ahead of time and be prepared to conduct association business

Homeowners are welcome to attend the Board meetings. If you have a concern you would like to address with the Board and would like to attend a meeting, contact the ROA Office at 425-836-1064 or and we will get your topic on the agenda.

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