Residential Modification

Thinking about making a change to the exterior of your home? Many projects such as paint changes, fences, sheds, AC units, retaining walls, decks/patios, gazebo’s and more require approval before instillation.

Start Here

1. Do you need to submit an application?

The best way to determine if your project requires association approval is to read the Community Wide Standards. This documents summarizes common projects and outlines exactly what is permitted in the Redmond Ridge ROA. While we always recommend reading all the rules, the Community Wide Standards is your one-stop-shop for learning what you can and cannot do in Redmond Ridge.

If your project requires an application, or is not listed in the Community Wide Standards, then you will need to submit an application and have it approved before you can start work.

2. Submit an application

If needed, submit a Residential Modification Application. You can find this application here, or via the resident portal, under the Architectural Requests tab. Download the application and submit it as well as all required documents via the resident portal or email it to You can also mail or drop off your application to the ROA office located at 10735 Cedar Park Crescent NE.

Pay Application Fee

Don’t forget to pay your $20 application fee. Fee can be paid using the same method you use to make monthly assessments, via the resident portal or mobile app or by dropping a check off at the ROA office.

Tips for a Successful Application

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Do not skip questions or provide vague answers. Writing things like “the deck will either be brown or white,” is not permitted. Tell us exactly what material you are using, what colors you are using, etc.

Application requirements vary depending on your project, the application will detail what you need to submit for your project. In most cases, you will need to submit a complete application as well as a property plat plan, a detailed drawing, photo examples, etc.

Before you start your application you will need to know:

  • Your property plat plan
  • The dimensions of your home and other major structures on your property
    • Dimensions of your project (width, length and height)
    • The setback (distance between your project and the nearest property line)
    • Materials you are using (cedar, composite, plastic, etc) – provide photo examples if needed
    • Colors you are using – be specific, and provide photo examples
    • In some cases, you will need to choose between options in the Community Wide Standards – Read the standards and note your choice/s
      • In some cases, King County permits and/or other county documents will be required

      3. Review process

      After your application is received by ROA staff, you will receive confirmation via email and/or via the resident portal or mobile app.

      Your application will first be reviewed by the Residential Modification Committee (RMC). The RMC will determine if your projects meets the Community Wide Standards and will either approve your application, deny your application, or submit your application to the Board of Directors for further review. There are some projects that can only be reviewed/approved by the Board of Directors. In these cases, the RMC will submit your application to the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

      How long will review take?

      The length of time it takes to review an application varies depending on how detailed/clear your application is, if your application needs to be reviewed by the Board of Directors and the time of year you submit your application (Spring/Summer months are busy, submit your application early!) If your application is complete, it will be reviewed between 7 – 45 days of submission.

      What will slow down the review process?

      The number one reason an application review is delayed is due to incomplete or inaccurate applications, or detailed drawings. The RMC cannot review incomplete applications or drawings that do not provide sufficient information/detail. ROA staff will try to help by reaching out to you during the review process if more information is needed, so watch your email inbox during the review process and quickly answer questions sent by staff if you are in a hurry to have your application reviewed.

      If your application is incomplete, it will be sent back to the owner, or denied. In these cases, you can re-open the same application by providing the necessary information for review – you do not need to submit a new application. However, if your application is sent back, or denied due to insufficient information, your application will be put at the end of the review line after additional information has been provided.

      If you are requesting something that must be reviewed by the Board of Directors, then your application will need to be reviewed at their next meeting. Depending on the time of year, that could be about a month – two months. Staff will contact you and let you know the date of the next Board meeting and when your application will be reviewed.

      ROA staff and the RMC are flooded with applications every spring and summer. We do our very best to review these applications in a timely manner, but we ask for patience when submission volume is high. We recommend submitting your application well before the start date of your project – just to be safe.

      Preliminary Approval

      If your application meets the Community Wide Standards, you will receive Preliminary Approval. This allows you to proceed with your project under the guidelines of your application as well as any stipulations detailed in your preliminary approval letter. You MUST wait for this letter before you start any work. If you are checking your status on the resident portal you will see a status change to EMAILED Preliminary Approval or ADVANCED to Preliminary Approval. Do not start until you actually read the preliminary approval letter via email as it could include additional requirements. If you have any questions, email

      Final Approval

      After you complete your project, you will need to submit a photo showing you followed your application and/or the stipulations outlined by the RMC or BOD. Until your project is finished and you submit photos that show the completed work, your application will remain open. Submit your photo/s to

      Once your photo is reviewed by the RMC, you will either receive final approval or denial. If you receive final approval, your application will be closed. If you receive a denial letter it is because the RMC has determined you did not meet the requirements outlined in your application and/or the requirements outlined by the RMC or BOD for approval. In this case, you will need to modify your application or change your project to fit requirements.


      If your request doesn’t meet the Community Wide Standards, it will be denied. You can modify your application/project to fit the Community Wide Standards and re-submit. You cannot start your project until you receive preliminary approval.


      ROA staff is here to help guide you! Email, call 425-836-1064 (during office hours) or visit our office at 10735 Cedar Park Crescent NE (during business hours).