Reminder: Park & Ride Partially Leased in 2021

published: March 12th, 2024 by in Uncategorized

As a friendly reminder, the Redmond Ridge ROA Park & Ride, located on Redmond Ridge Drive and Cedar Park Crescent (next to Rosa Parks Elementary) has been partially leased out since November 2021.

Eight parking spots (2 handicap) have remained designated for Park & Ride use. See above image for a map showing which spaces are saved for Park & Ride use. All spaces that have been leased have signs stating the space is reserved. Additional signs for the Park & Ride spaces will be added within the next week, and once weather permits, striping will be done to mark the spaces more clearly.

This lot was never intended to be used as a pickup or drop off zone for Rosa Parks Elementary and using the lot for those purposes has always been prohibited.

As previously reported, the lot is being leased to increase revenue for the association. Increased maintenance and utility costs are one of the reasons that the association has incorporated new and creative ways to increase income while keeping the impact on residents as minimal as possible.

Please be mindful of the leased spaces and only park in spots designated for Park & Ride users. Please use the designated drop off/pick up zone at Rosa Parks Elementary for pickup/drop off.

Thank you for your cooperation!