New Security Patrols in Redmond Ridge

published: August 17th, 2023 by in Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce that the Redmond Ridge ROA has taken a significant step towards enhancing the safety and security of our community. After careful consideration and evaluation, the Board has selected a new security company to provide patrolling services within our neighborhood on a trial basis. Starting within the next few days, the new security company will begin patrolling our community on a regular basis. This addition to our community’s safety measures is in line with the Board’s commitment to help create a secure and comfortable living environment for all residents. Please remember that in case of emergencies, such as accidents, fires, or medical situations requiring immediate attention, you should always dial 911 for immediate assistance. For non-emergency situations that require a response from local law enforcement, please contact the King County non-emergency number at 206-296-3311. Key points about the new security service: 

  1. Enhanced Vigilance: The primary objective of introducing this new security service is to enhance vigilance within our community. The security personnel will conduct regular patrols to deter potential criminal activities.
  1. Crime Reporting: The security company has been tasked with reporting any suspicious activities or crimes to the local Sheriff’s department promptly. By working in close cooperation with law enforcement, we strive to ensure a rapid response to any safety concerns.
  1. Community Safety: The goal of this initiative is to collaborate with the Sheriff’s department to create a safer living environment for all residents. We are dedicated to making Redmond Ridge a place where everyone feels secure and protected.

 It’s essential to understand that while we are taking proactive measures, there is no guarantee that crime will be entirely eradicated. However, by joining forces with a professional security service and local law enforcement, we aim to significantly reduce the risk of criminal incidents. Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation in making Redmond Ridge a safe and wonderful place to call home. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new security service, please do not hesitate to reach out to